What Is A Pergola


What Is A Pergola?

A pergola is a structural feature forming a shaded walkway, passageway, or sitting area of vertical posts or pillars that usually support cross-beams and a sturdy open lattice often upon which climbing vines such as grapes are trained.

As a type of gazebo it may also be an extension of a building or serve as protection for an open terrace or a link between buildings. For example if you have a U shaped house you may have a pergola in the U portion of the house structure that supports a grape or flowering vine.

Decks And Pergolas

Sometimes a pergola has no vines growing on it and just stands there as a structure to create a mood and feel of an outdoor living area. If you want to get a pergola built but don’t have enough money to put the laserlite or colourbond on – you can always have that done at a later date.

These days it has become common to cover pergolas with laserlite or colourbond roofing to provide extra shelter from the elements like the fierce summer sun or the howling winter rain.


Years ago it was not uncommon to find a deck at a home without a pergola but these days it is almost the normal to find a deck covered by a pergola. As the times change structures change to suit the needs of the people.

Pergolas are styled and fashioned to suit the house and the owners needs.


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