Gutter Guard

10 Gutter Guard Reviews
Gutter industry expert and co-author Robert Lenney review many gutter guards with a local gutter contractor discussing why they didn’t perform well and why homeowners had these gutter covers removed.

This is the “Gutter Guard Graveyard” video that highlights many unpopular gutter covers that were removed and why. They were replaced with either the pro install Gutterglove or Do-It-Yourself (DIY) EasyOn micromesh gutter guards.

Dino from Dino’s Rain Gutter has removed thousands and thousands of feet of poor performing gutter guards since 1999 and replaced them with stainless steel micromesh gutter guards such as Gutterglove or EasyOn gutter cover brands.

The various types of gutter guards he removed and discussed in this video are:

– Foam inserts
– Plastic screens with fiber mesh on top
– Plastic screens with oblong holes
– Plastic screens with diamond shaped holes
– Round nose reverse curve
– Domed hinge screens
– 4″ drain tubing
– Expanded metal snap in place
– Stainless steel micromesh (Extremely poor design)
– Flat perforated screens
– Flat metal trough with perforated holes

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