Bathroom Renovators

Bathroom renovator

Your Bathroom Renovator:

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When choosing your bathroom renovator and his team, the cheapest isn’t always the best for many reasons.

A person’s workmanship, dedication, management skills, availability and communication skills are the main priorities when making up your mind. Asking for testimonials or seeing pictures of his previous work and hearing the owners opinions can help make up your mind.

Bathroom renovator

When renovating your bathroom, moving out might be inevitable for a few weeks if you don’t have a second working bathroom. If you can afford the extra cost, a Port-a-loo can be hired. OR if you want to save costs and are brave at heart you can use the shower in the office or at the gym. OR it might be necessary to move in with friends or family for a few weeks. You’ll need to build this into your budget when planning your renovation project and be aware of any unexpected costs, such as takeaway food and laundromat costs.

bathroom renovator

Work sites are often dusty and dirty even when the greatest care is taken. Something you can do to help the finer dust spreading throughout your home it to make sure you block all doorways to adjacent rooms with plastic so dust can’t sneak out.

An array of shower systems and tap ware are now on the market, so do some research before you buy.

Bathroom renovator

Various options include shower roses on a rail, hand showers, fixed showers or overhead rain-showers.

Some stores even have some of their shower head connected so you can feel the water as it comes out. That is how I chose my shower rose and I even took it with me when I moved house because I loved it so much and couldn’t get the same one again.

bathroom renovator

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