Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation

Your Bathroom Renovation:

When renovating your bathroom before you even start it might be a good idea to make a list of all the things you absolutely want and have to have.

What do you want that you don’t have now?

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Make a list of all the items you have in your bathroom like the bath, bath taps and spout, vanity, vanity taps and spout, shower rose and taps, towel rail, soap dishes, storage space, underfloor heating, alcoves and the like.

In the overall look less is always more.

A cluttered room where you feel you don’t have room to breathe is claustraphobic. That can’t give you a feeling of ambience.

A feeling of luxury comes from space and beauty.

bathroom renovation

Think of recessing things into the walls. In the shower for example put in a recesses alcove for your shampoo bottles. Put it into the wall that can’t be seen by everyone as you walk past the bathroom when the door is open or even when you first walk in. Design it so you get surprises. If you can’t see something from the doorway and then you walk in and find something it becomes a little surprise.

Oh, look at that. It is immediately more interesting.

Think of having recessed cabinets to store your necessary items. Putting your storage into the wall gives you more space in the room itself. Every centimetre of space you save by not having things protruding into the room will make you feel good. Clever storage spaces that make your bathroom look pristine and uncluttered gives an inviting look and feel.

bathroom renovation

If you keep your colour scheme to a more neutral scheme it will make the smallest bathroom look and feel larger. You can introduce a pop of colour with your towels and accessories. When you do this whenever you get tired of the old colour scheme you can introduce a new one with a new range of colours in your towels. This way it feels like you are getting a new bathroom again and again.

bathroom renovation



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